Welcome on board !


Photo : Alouki

Dear actors, (in fact we are actors of our lives !)

My name is Natacha, young entrepreneur, passionate by fashion, art, communication and travel, and especially by natural, authenticity and ethics, after thinking a long time, I’ve decided to take not my pen, but my keyboard (Yeah I’m modern!) in order to share with you a different state of mind and lifestyle.

Tired by growing overconsumption, globalization and individualism, I wanted to come back to the essential. Today, we talk about sustainable development. This expression brings together 3 dimensions : society, environment and economics. This is more than a concept, this is a way of living. I think the harmony depends on the balance between our well-being, others and the protection of the earth.

The values I defend is to love and respect our fellow being, to protect this earth our home and to take care of our inside and outside being. To be able to do it, I decide to consume less, but better, in order to be happy durably and to be able to live a high quality life.

Of course, it is a challenge, but I’m facing it step by step and I’m trying it out daily !

I have always been idealistic, and my dream is to change the world at my scale. And I think everyone has this part to play, we just have to discover who we are and then improve with our gifts and talents our world to transform it.

Through this website, I wish to share with passion stories, meetings, strong feelings which will, I hope, give you the motivation to revolutionize your way of life and change the world ! 🙂

Nothing big can be done alone, so join our strengths, the more people we will be, the greater change will happen !

Welcome on board !

Natacha Ruiz


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