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Being Ecochic, what is it ?

The ECOCHIC expression combines the word ECO for ecology and eco-friendly to the word CHIC. To sum up,  the word ECO evokes sustainable development which consists on preserving the ecosystem components for the current and future generations : human beings, our physical environment, the plants […]

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Another fashion is it possible ?

Another fashion is it really possible? That is the reccuring question that the Fashion industry has raised… For some of them, to be ethical is a brake, for others it’s an endless source of creativity and innovation ! L’Herbe Rouge is one of them ! Established in 2008 […]

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Win minutes of life with Eternity Food & Drink !

You want to win mintues of life having fun? Good news, it’s possible with Eternity Food&Drink, the 100% healthy concept  launched during the Cannes Festival and acclaimed by celebrities! I’ve the opportunity to meet the talented idea man, Didier Audebert, journalist (VSD, Gala, Paris Match…), director (Arte), author (« Souvenirs […]

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