Once upon a time… CINEKIN, the 7th Art Force awakens in Congo Kinshasa

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Tell me, who doesn’t like stories ? Behind each project or company, there is a story. Today, I’m gonna tell you CINEKIN‘s one, the story of 4 entrepreneurs from different origin, culture, religion, sex sharing the same vison. They have decided to use the power of the 7th Art to start changing the world and making it a better place for everyone.

If you’ve already read my « Edito », you should know that I’ve started to be an entrepreneur launching my first company in ecochic fashion. The entrepreneurship is a crazy adventure, you never know what is going to happen. On my way, I’ve joined an hybrid TV show project combining music and cinema code, a multicultural project. Besides, I’ve met a brilliant and amazing entrepreneur motivated by social and sustainable entrepreneurship. I was working on my ecochic fashion business, when he took time to advice me and encourage me to follow my dreams despite the difficulties I was living.

CINEKIN‘s story starts here… One year later, this same entrepreneur contact me after a trip in Congo Kinshasa in August 2015. Cinema enthusiast, he was really surprised to discover there are no movie theater the way we now it in Europe.  This young entrepreneur, Steve Munga, belgo-congolese, decide to launch the 1st HD and instant cinema in DRC. He offers me to join him in this journey, for him I have the required experience and skills. As an artist and entrepreneur, I couldn’t refuse to be part of this project gathering everything I like : art, communication, international and even fashion… To be successful, my best friend, Laura Mandret, a metric girl, and Steve’s friend, Tarik Lizani, a legal expert, have joined the project.

the production team

After getting the « GO » from the most important international studios to show the films in Kinshasa – such as Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, 20th Century Fox – Steve has launched officially our rocket team.  Our first mission was to get 95% of the budget to launch the project in December 2015. This first job was a real challenge, but finally we made it. To promote our project and gather the last 5% needed to get the best equipment to offer an outstanding and high quality experience from the first screening, we’ve launched our crowdfunding campaign.

CINEKIN-kinshasa-star wars

We have decided to open our cinema at the same time as Star Wars VII release, a unique event waited by 3 generations worldwide. Besides, this movie title is very powerful « The Force awakens ». We can notice that an awakening has started to touch our world, our generation. Star Wars is carrying a strong message about our society. The cinema has to inspire, to make people dream, to share emotions, to make us think… That’s why we want to share this experience with people from Kinshasa who don’t have access to the 7th Art like we know it in Europe for 40 years.

Thanks to this first movie theater that will open its doors in one of the safest, cleanest and more beautiful ara in Kinshasa, we would like relaunch the 7th art industry in DRC, creating jobs and using 10% of the company’s profits to create social and entrepreneurial projects in Congo.

To make our dreams come true and give the opportunity to other entrepreneur to achieve big things, we are looking for idealists and dreamers to support our vision ! 

viser la lune

Because we think that nothing big can be done alone ; each contribution count and can make a difference ! 

Check out our KIKCKSTARTER campaign ! Being part of CINEKIN, you become actor of the Congo Kinshasa cinema History 🙂 And you will allow thousands of stories to be written… THANKS! May the force be with you


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