The Happy Wardrobe of Ariane Naumovic

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You know Gossip Girl and the famous Blair Waldorf? Well, I know her double, but the Nature & Chic version, Ariane Naumovic, a young blogger who has launched last year My Happy Wardrobe, a blog dedicated to an Ecochic lifestyle. Idealistic young woman, charming, enthusiastic, resourceful and creative, a real little gem, I met her at the opening of the concept store L’Herbe Rouge. We quickly hit it off and shared our passion for ecochic lifestyle. Since that day, we have been exchanging around our projects and we dream to work together to develop and do more about this lifestyle. I invite you to discover more about this ambassador of an Ecochic lifestyle.

Natacha Ruiz : Hi Arine, can you tell us your story? 
Ariane Naumovic: I grew up in the Paris suburbs, not the fanciest one, but in a green environment, we would say « bobo » today! Growing up, I developed a passion for garment, through seam, then for fashion. When I was doing shopping, I had always in my mind to avoid synthetic materials, and made in China, but a few years ago, I had a real snap. I think it’s out of sewing, I wanted to find organic fabrics, and overnight, I started searching the web for hours trying to find the eco friendly fashion. I started an address book, meeting designers during trade shows, like Ethical Fashion Show. It was during my Master in Fashion Management I got really specialized.


NR : Can you introduce My Happy Wardrobe to us and tell us why you’ve decided to launch your blog? Why My Happy Wardrobe?
AN : I knew I wanted to work to change the ecochic fashion. With everything I had stored up as knowledge, good addresses, contacts, thanks in part to my memory, the best way to get a place in the community and to share my knowledge would be to open a blog. « My happy wardrobe », it is because I did not want a somewhat moralistic term for the name of my blog, as « responsible », « best », « ethical », first not to get into the boxes and interest lot of people, but to show responsible fashion as something that feels good, something generous. And everyone wants to be happy! Well, of course, I could not speak « only » about fashion, because being responsible is a global lifestyle. I see it really as a form of sharing and I hope soon to be able to involve other people!

NR : Not a long time ago, you’ve also launched a directory dedicated to the cream of ecochic fashion. Can you explain us this concept ? How does it work? Who can join this platform?
AN : This is a continuation of my blog! In reality, the idea of ​​the directory came before the idea of ​​the blog. Because the day I started to make ecochic brands databases, first on loose sheets, and then on the computer, I knew well that nothing like this existed on the web. Unable to find a general list, easy to navigate on the web. So, why wait for someone to do for me? The book focuses on the consumer. For example, if one is looking for vegan sandals, and we do not know where to look on the web, the directory should respond. I say « should » because it is still in beta and it is not exhaustive. It is dedicated to presenting the brands sold in France who wants to be referenced, so French and foreign brands also; but we will keep only the most beautiful ones, with the selection committee, you are part of Natacha, to highlight the most stylish brands foremost.


NR : What are your favorite Ecochic brands? 
AN : As almost all are designers, they make beautiful things! The unexpected forms of Rosa Tapioca, the patterns for Post Diem, pretty cuts by Misericordia, Linda Mai Phung’s collections, the crazy style of Andrea Crew; in shoes, comfortable shoes by Veja and by El Naturalista, the brilliant look of the Good Guys, the class of Bohemian Bourgeois … And accessories, I love OMyBag bags, jewelery by Ombre Claire and Lunaticart, the Lagaarto’s and Grain Brune’s scarves, etc … There are so many that come to my mind! Like the first collection of Black Verbena, to discover absolutely!

NR : A last word ? 🙂
AN : Go Beyond food and eco-friendly cosmetics … Eco friendly Fashion makes you happy! So what are you waiting for ? 🙂 




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