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When I was reading the entrepreneur guide « The Art of the start » of Guy Kawasaki, I found a wonderful quote :

« I never came up with the idea of writing for my reputation or my glory. It is what I have in the heart that must be expressed; that’s why I compose. » Ludwig Van Beethoven

Whether you are an artist, an entrepreneur or both at once – yes we are multifaceted beings – what matters the most is not to please, to get honors, having lots of money, but the most important is to give meaning to what you do and especially to accomplish what you undertake with your heart. It is a strength and a unique source of inspiration that can get up when you’re discouraged, to fight when difficulties come and hold over time.

An entrepreneur or artist’s mission is to improve the world by bringing dream, hope, transmitting intense emotions, innovating in order to change people’s lives, and for that it should realize its aspirations and visions with passion and determination without being distracted from its goal.

The heart is the bigger motor, it delivers a deep vision to who knows to listen to it to find inspiration, energy and the will to accomplish it. We may take everything to someone, but we can never take its heart. It is important to guard your heart above all because it comes from all wellspring of life and creation. Feed it with positive, constructive, optimism helps to give greater power to the realization of our dreams. So let our hearts speak, they keep our treasures and share them with those who will appreciate and be touched to move towards a better life, a more beautiful world.

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