How to have a 100% Ecochic dressing ?

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Having a 100% Ecochic dressing sounds impossible? Well, get ready, because I will prove you it is possible. Here are ways to have a chic and sustainable dressing, just be creative and break the vicious trends cycles !

1) Buy exclusively eco-friendly clothes 

Prefer brands locally produced in small series, using recycling, proving that they respect a charter of fair trade… They are increasingly appearing in the fashion field, the best known and pioneer of ready-to-wear woman in France is Ekyog and there are a lot of other brands (L’Herbe RougeLinda Mai PhungL’Atelier de CoutureOlsenhausPeople TreeEqual for AllSix et SeptGrain de BruneValentine GauthierSakina M’SaMisericordiaJohanna RiplingerRoyal BlushVejaLily GardenMallow Blossom…). Certainly, for some brands, the prices of the items are a bit higher compared to those found at H&M and Zara, but not necessarily higher than those of Maje and Sandro.

One can find these brands also online on their own sites as in physical and online multi-brand boutiques such as ;; and the new concept store in Paris Front de Mode

So stop being sheep, seek more exclusive and ecochic brands ! 🙂

2) Buy thrift or second hand

Go for vintage clothes that can be found in vintage stores which have proliferated recently. One of the most famous in Paris, it is Hippy Market. Thrift stores, are found in all cities. And do not forget Emaus, some fashionistas unearth hidden gems.

Hippy Market

3) Fashion outlets

A popular solution for low budget is to take a ride in outlets that swarm around or in discount stores. We can find great pieces at unique prices. We look among the end-of-series, we always end up finding some stylish pieces that have not found a buyer after the sales.

4) The exchange or barter

We’re sick of a top or a dress? Well it’s simple, recycle our clothes by exchanging between mother, sister, cousin, girlfriend! Between buddys it’s also possible ! This avoids spending a penny by buying a new piece, and it brings to life an almost new garment forgotten in our wardrobe. And no one will notice, because everyone has its own style!

5) Rent, borrow our clothes

New initiatives have emerged lately! Rent our clothes, a boon for lenders to supplement their income and an opportunity for ecochic and penniless fashionistas to constantly renew their wardrobe without feeling guilty! 🙂


Two examples of original concepts to discover:

  • L’habibliothèque : a 2.0 library that allows designers to borrow clothes offering a new shopping experience.
  • Iconity : a marketplace for clothing rental and fashion accessories open to everyone and young designers.

6) Repair clothes, accessories

A small hole, a pulled thread, a damaged heel, worn soles… This does not mean this is the end of this beautiful top or this beautiful pair of shoes. Take our needle and thread and let’s fix the small hole or give it to the retoucher. For shoes, it’s the same, we go to the shoemaker redo the heels, the sole for the price of a pair of low-end shoes. Thus, our beautiful pair has a second life, it boosts the local economy and it leaves again for one or two seasons!

7) Make or have made clothes

A unique and lasting solution, it’s to make our clothes by ourselves or have them made if you have the budget to pay a seamstress. The piece is unique, handmade and will be valuable given the time invested to achieve. We are proud to wear one of our creations made by the sweat of our brow! 🙂


8) Re-inventing our wardrobe instead of buying

The easiest thing is to open our wardrobe and realize that we already have everything and in fact, we don’t need anything …! 🙂 And just reinvent our wardrobe, imagine new outfits; give free rein to our imagination, she is overflowing!

By combining these solutions, we can all have an ecochic dressing, it no longer up to us! 🙂

Photo credit : « Slow your fashion »



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