Ô Subtil, an invitation to enjoy the luxury of the moment

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Often beautiful meetings are well orchestrated! While I was looking for funding for my first company, I get in touch with a young entrepreneur, Oly Augé. Before contacting her, I checked out her website and was surprised to discover we were sharing a common vision and similar values. I decided to learn more about her projects and we met up for a coffee. Our exchanges were heated and we were on the same wavelength! Oly, young woman determined and passionate, has launched Ô Subtil a concept of artistic and cultural events that makes sense, in 2012, in a society where time has become as rare as money.

O subtil afterwork

For Oly, each Ô Subtil event is the opportunity to live a moment of great encounters and discoveries in cool places in Paris, city of light. Ô Subtil is the meeting between the afterwork and inspired artists such as Matt Marvane, Alexia Rabé, Hannah Clair… This is an invitation to enter and enjoy the luxury of the moment! During this event art, friendship, sharing and solidarity are the key words!

The dream of Oly is close to mine! Both of us are dreaming of creating a place of encounters and exchange, a special place for cultural discovery in its diversity, a hybrid, unique, trendy, inclusive and supportive place. This place will welcome all artists and designers engaged in a joyful atmosphere both serene and festive, a cocoon to chill out !

While waiting to make our dreams reality, go every month to a special event and creating social ties, where time is precious! Be informed of upcoming events by following Ô Subtil on Facebook !

ô subtilConcert Matt Marvane au Café Dupont

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