Photo : Alouki

« Coming from an artistic family, Natacha has been quickly attracted by performing arts and has taken theater, dance and singing classes. In high school, she has studied literature and theater. After graduating, she has gotten a diploma in global communication, and after having done an internship at the Fashion Business School, ISTA, it’s the revelation ! she has decided to turn towards fashion and joined the school. After two intense years in a sandwich class, she flew away to NYC to study Fashion & Design. She has done an internship with a community of eco-friendly designers assisting them on the trade shows So Ethic in Paris and Nowshowcase in NYC. Her tutor, agent for ethical brands, has opened her to a new way of life. Designers producing with a meaning, supporting and encouraging each other, eating well (Yeah it’s possible in the USA!) … A TRUE REVOLUTION !

A few months later, she has started officially her career in Paris as an employee for a fashion brand, then she has joined the international department of the Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin. She has been in the heart of fashion between designers, trade show, politics… However, she has quickly felt the calling for entrepreneurship and a desire of freedom. Reading Fashionmag every day talking about eco fashion, brought a vision to her mind : developing a business in eco fashion. Thus, a platform dedicated to a chic and sustainable way of life has been created. After a year, her vision has evolved, more mature and precise. Now, she would like to keep on developing an innovative business mixing more and more the 3 dimensions of sustainable development : social, environment and economics. All of that takes time, and time can’t wait. So she has decided to create a more personal website, as a TrendSetter, to keep on talking about this new way of life, new talents, stories, values sometimes forgotten, to think, motivate or inspire the readers. »

Portrait by Alouki

A word :

« Throught this site and my experience, I would like to encourage you to dare making your dreams come true being determined and relentless. It will help you to be successful in your undertakings despite the obstacles and the difficulties you will meet. And I know what I’m talking about, being an entrepreneur it’s an adventure full of bounces… But I keep always hope, because we never know what life can bring us…!  » Natacha

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